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Because Dapp needs to be connected to applications and optimized functions, the WNFT Foundation is scheduled to conduct a 75:100 synchronization of the original WNFT after 20:00 on March 4, 2022, New York time, USA (20:00, March 5, 2022 in Asia time). Proportional mapping, please put the original WNFT token into the foundation's recovery address within 3 days: , the foundation will exchange the original address for the new token, the original contract address 0x27fD1f85C5352EAC95cF4215636baAF1978Cc211 is changed to the new contract address: 0x4BE0Bf93Bd643E2Fd188FC9660959EE43b342DC0

World NFT

The world's first film and television art NFT trading platform

WNFT is a comprehensive platform for chaining, promotion and trading of NFT digital assets based on the global film and television art industry. In 2021, it will be the first to launch Hollywood NFT movies, art, game ip and other applications. The company originated from the American Film Industry Association, officially leading the film and television industry, and entered the film industry’s NFT meta-universe project. We have unique NFT development technology, rich film and television IP roles and a multi-industry operation team to create an NFT ecosystem that everyone can participate in. Establish a sound creative and incubation mechanism to provide global users with high-quality NFT digital assets and one-stop trading infrastructure. At present, the company implements the meta-universe migration channel of blockchain + content + community to create a complete blockchain world NFT content ecology. After continuous innovation, the company took the lead in launching a new logo combined with physical applications, leading the development of the Metaverse industry.
No matter how small our concept is, individuals are also stars. Everyone should have a unique identity in the meta-universe, just like the name of each of us.

In the world NFT, "everyone has the right to create, sell and collect NFT artwork.

WNFT Foundation

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WNFT Foundation


Our vision and mission

2021 Q3

team building
Team formation, design economic model, docking with institutional investors.

2021 Q4

project preparation
Start the official website to produce and publish white papers, and sign contracts with IP authorization agencies.

2022 Q1

project launch
Code contract audit, official website launch, open private placement and pre-sale, and global community docking, go online pancakeswap exchange.

launches NFT ecological construction
Launched the NFT trading platform, opened NFT shelves and trading of film and television art works, and participated in the production of international film and television blockbusters and ecological scene applications.

2022 Q3

2022 Q2

Staking mining and launching the platform
Launched DAPP pledge mining, and launched CG, CMC and other tripartite evaluation platforms.

game development goes online on a centralized exchange
Start the development of ecological applications such as chain games, and launch a centralized exchange

2022 Q4

Token name: WNFT

The total circulation is 2.2 billion,

30% mining 660 million, (output in 6 years)
25% have been destroyed into black holes (550 million).
20% pancake transaction + circulation
15% institutional investment (330 million)
10% founding team (220 million)


contract audit


Team introduction


Prof. Dr. Thomas Rose(CEO)

Professor of Media Process, Aachen University of Technology, Head of the

Fraunhofer FIT Business Process Management Research Group.

In 1985, he received a Diploma in Computer Science from the University of

Dortmund and a PhD in Computer Science from Pasau University in 1991.He was a

research assistant to the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto

from 1990 to 1993.1993 to 2002 (FAW) from October 1993 to 2002.Since 2002, he has

worked at the Fraunhoff Institute of Applied Information Technology (FIT).

Thomas Ross (Thomas Rose) has served as the technical coordinator for projects

like Apnee and Apnee-Tu and several other projects.Its Apnee (-Tu) project was

selected by Vivian Reding directors in 2005 as one of the successful European IST

studies in 2005.


Professor Nils Urbach(CFO)

Professor of Information Systems, Digital Business and Liquidity, FIM Research

Center, Director of Research and Project Director of Fraunhofer Information Systems,

Frankfurt, Germany.Previously, he served as Professor of Information System and

Strategic IT Management at Bayroit University in Germany, and also was an assistant

professor at EBS Business School in Wiesbaden, responsible for the IT Strategic

Management Center within the Information Systems Institute of the Business School,

and received his PhD from EBS.He also holds a Professional Diploma in Information

Systems from Paddleborn University.At present, it mainly studies on digital

transformation, future IT workplaces and blockchain.In 2008, he served as a visiting

scholar at the University of Pittsburgh and taught at the Faculty of Higher Business

(HEC) in 2012 at the University of Lausanne.In addition to his academic research, he has

worked as management consultants at Horvath & Partners in Stuttgart and Accenture

(Accenture) in Frankfurt.

Its results have been published in academic journals such as the Journal of

Strategic Information Systems (JSIS), Journal of Information Technology (JIT),

Management Information Systems Quarterly (MISQE), IEEE Journal of Engineering

Management (IEEE TEM), Information and Management (I & M), Business and

Information Systems Engineering (BISE), Electronic Markets (EM), and Business

Research (BuR), Also shown in a series of important international conferences, As seen

at the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), The European

Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), The Hawaii International Conference on

Systems Sciences (HICSS) and the Conference on Information Systems of the Americas

(AMCIS), etc.


Philipp Sandner(CTO)

Head of the Blockchain Center (FSBC) at the MIT Institute of Finance and

Management.Its areas of expertise include general blockchain technologies for

encrypted assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum; digital programmable euros;

tokization of assets and rights, and digital identity.The District Blockchain Center has

repeatedly offered advice to financial organizations, industrial activities and

startups.In 2018 and 2019, he was selected as one of the economists of TOP30 by the

Frankfurt Reports FAZ.In addition, T O P 40 in the Capital Business magazine rankings.

Since 2017, he has been a member of the Federal Treasury Financial Technology

Council (FinTechRat) and has participated in the EU blockchain Observatory

established by the EU.Later, he co-founded the American Blockchain Association

International Tokens Standardization Association (ITSA) and the Association of Multi-

Chain Asset Managers.

Launched in February 2017, the MIT Blockchain Center aims to analyze the impact

of blockchain technology on companies and business models, and the center provides

a platform for decision makers, startups, technology experts, and industry

professionals to exchange knowledge and share visions for expectations

What does the WNFT platform mainly do?

    WNFT is invested by Hollywood Films of the United States and established the WNFT Foundation in New York to operate this project. James is the founder of WNFT Foundation and has many years of investment experience in the art industry.

Under the introduction of WNFT tokens, for example, the total amount, etc.?

    The total issuance of WNFT is 2.2 billion, the initial circulation is 50% of the total, and the final deflation is 220 million. After 30%, the average output of pledge mining for 6 years, the trading 12% slippage, and the deflationary form is mainly divided into transaction trading5 % Burn, and WNFT tokens will be burned for the sale of NFT works on the platform.

What is the introduction of the WNFT platform team?

    WNFT platform technology works with domestic and foreign technical teams, including the Russian Ethereum Foundation, MIT graduate engineers, and listed company technical teams to participate in the creation of the WNFT platform, and the American Hollywood film team to jointly create classic NFT roles and roles in movies Metaverse applications will also be jointly promoted and operated with communities in Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, and China.

What is the vision of the WNFT platform?

    WNFT is a comprehensive platform based on the global film and television art industry to carry out NFT digital assets on-chain, promotion and trading, creating an NFT ecosystem that everyone can participate in, providing high-quality NFT digital assets and one-stop transaction infrastructure for global users, and striving to 1 -In 3 years, WNFT became a world-class NFT platform, and established long-term cooperative relationships with artists to expand the application ecology of Metaverse Film and Television Art IP.

What are the plans or benefits in the later stage of WNFT, whether it is a long-term project or a short-term project?

    It is a long-term project. WNFT is a comprehensive platform based on the global film and television art industry to carry out NFT digital assets on the chain, promotion and trading. Later, it will also be on CG, CMC, non-trumpet and other consulting platforms, and will also cooperate with the world model competition, film and television arts. Film creation, academic artists, and specially invited artists carry out exclusive sales of NFT artworks to increase the overall traffic and influence of the platform.

WNFT BSC contract address:


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